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The Clare Valley Tennis International…

Mobile Service Centre in Clare today

Feb 28, 2017
Local News
The Australian Government’s Mobile…
All domestic rabbit owners from the…

Hicks set to return to court in SA

Feb 28, 2017
National News
Former Guantanamo Bay inmate and terror…

Man to be jailed for murdering Vic mother

Feb 28, 2017
National News
A man who stabbed his school friend's…

Pfennig listed for murder appeal in SA

Feb 28, 2017
National News
Dieter Pfennig is set to return to…

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5CS Breakfast Blog

Oscars fail.

And the Best Picture winner is... La La Land. No, no, no, Moonlight.
Glenn's Blog

Will they put 'anything' on…

If this is anything to go by, the answer is 'Yes' - they will put anything on Television.…
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Matt's Blog

Nokia 3310 is back!

It.Is.Back! The phone that was near unbreakable is making a comeback. It comes in four…
5CS Breakfast Blog

Comic Con Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia celebrated superheroes, comic books and pop culture when the three day Comic…
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