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Fans react to death of Jonathan Demme

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Hollywood and the entertainment world is reacting to the death of director Jonathan Demme, best known for The Silence of the Lambs, at the age of 73.

* "Jonathan Demme was a great artist, humanitarian, activist & a warm encouraging colleague. I've known very few like him. He will be missed." - director Ron Howard via Twitter.

* "Deeply sad to hear my friend, neighbor, and colleague Jonathan Demme has passed on. He was one of the real good guys. I miss you, buddy." - writer Stephen King via Twitter.

* "Met tons through the Moonlight run but my man Demme was the kindest, most generous. A MASSIVE soul. He lived in love. And rests in peace." - Moonlight director Barry Jenkins via Twitter.

* "Very sad to hear of the passing of the great Jonathan Demme. Admired his movies, his documentaries, his concert films. He could do anything." - director Edgar Wright via Twitter.

* "RIP Jonathan Demme. Inspiring filmmaker, musical explorer, ornithologist (!), and truly wonderful and generous person." - director Jim Jarmusch via Twitter.

* "Jonathan Demme was a gifted and versatile filmmaker. RIP." - actor Michael McKean via Twitter.

* "I last saw Jonathan Demme four years ago today. Had no idea till this morning that it would be for the last time. Jonathan was a born movie-maker: he loved people and he loved filming them. Fictional or actual, he caught so many lives and glimpses of lives and framed them for others to enjoy. Jonathan was a true keeper of souls, and now we must celebrate his. He did a lot for me, too - thank you, JD. 'Are you ready for your close-up?' - musician Robyn Hitchcock in a statement.

* "RIP dearest Jonathan Demme. The world lost one of its purest, most loving and talented souls today. My heart is broken. I love you." - Christine Lahti via Twitter.

* "Jonathan Demme was a singular director who made vitally human films. His 'Something Wild' is a seminal movie for me. So sad he's gone." - actor and writer Pat Healy via Twitter.

* "Oh no. Jonathan Demme. One of our great filmmakers one of the most beautiful souls on the planet. Another magical irreplaceable friend gone." - musician Stevie Van Zandt via Twitter.

* "Ted Demme and I were worried about making The Ref when his uncle Jonathan Demme said something profound: 'Stop talking and start shooting."' - Denis Leary via Twitter.

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