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North Eastern Football League Games

Sat 11 May 2019 to Sun 18 Aug 2019

Upcoming games for the NEFL
See grade specific game times and results here

A Grade - 2:15pm
B Grade - 12:50pm

Under 17's- 11:10am
Under 14's- 10am

A Grade matches as follows:

Round 3 - May 11th
South Clare v Southern Saints (Clare)
Min-Man v BBH (Mintaro)
RSMU v North Clare (Riverton)
Blyth Snowtown v BSR (Snowtown)

Round 4 - May 18th
BBH v Southern Saints (Burra)
North Clare v Blyth Snowtown (Clare)
Min-Man v BSR (Mintaro)
RSMU v South Clare (Riverton)

Round 5 - May 25th
South Clare v North Clare (Clare)
BSR v BBH (Redhill)
Southern Saints v Min-Man (Robertstown)
Blyth Snowtown v RSMU (Snowtown)

Round 6 - June 1st
BBH v South Clare (Burra)
North Clare v BSR (Clare)
Min-Man v Blyth Snowtown (Mintaro)
RSMU v Southern Saints (Riverton)

Round 7 - June 15th
BSR v RSMU (Brinkworth)
BBH v Blyth Snowtown (Burra)
South Clare v Min-Man (Clare)
Southern Saints v North Clare (Robertstown)

Round 8 - June 22nd
North Clare v BBH (Clare)
Min-Man v RSMU (Mintaro)
BSR v Southern Saints (Redhill)
Blyth Snowtown v South Clare (Snowtown)

Round 9 - June 29th
Blyth Snowtown v Southern Saints (Blyth)
South Clare v BSR (Clare)
Min-Man v North Clare (Manoora)
RSMU v BBH (Riverton)

Round 10 - July 8th
BSR v Blyth Snowtown (Brinkworth)
BBH v Min-Man (Burra)
North Clare v RSMU (Clare)
Southern Saints v South Clare (Eudunda)

Round 11 - July 20th
Blyth Snowtown v North Clare (Blyth)
South Clare v RSMU (Clare)
Southern Saints v BBH (Eudunda)
BSR v Min-Man (Spalding)

Round 12 - July 27th
BBH v BSR (Burra)
North Clare v South Clare (Clare)
Min-Man v Southern Saints (Manoora)
RSMU v Blyth Snowtown (Riverton)

Round 13 - August 3rd
Blyth Snowtown v Min-Man (Blyth)
BSR v North Clare (Brinkworth)
South Clare v BBH (Clare)
Southern Saints v RSMU (Eudunda)

Round 14 - August 10th
North Clare v Southern Saints (Clare)
Min-Man v South Clare (Manoora)
RSMU v BSR (Riverton)
Blyth Snowtown v BBH (Snowtown)

Round 15 - August 24th
BBH v North Clare (Burra)
South Clare v Blyth Snowtown (Clare)
Southern Saints v BSR (Eudunda)
Min-Man v RSMU (Manoora)

Round 16 - August 31st
BSR v South Clare (Brinkworth)
North Clare v Min-Man (Clare)
RSMU v BBH (Riverton)
Blyth Snowtown v Southern Saints (Snowtown)