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Ignite will be hosting IMPACT again this year.

In 2024 we will be opening up the conversation to our younger audience and promoting that mental health is everyone’s business… two nights of entertainment and thought provoking dance, poetry and lived experience.

Friday the 19th of January – Ages 14+ will be targeting those hard to talk about subjects surrounding mental health challenges for those transitioning from teens to adults.

Some of the themes so far are domestic violence, anxiety, expectation, body image/disordered eating, connection, peer pressure, consent, acceptance self love, asking for and offering support, hope and recovery. Themes are being created with teens from the club and the community to showcase what they are finding challenging. Some themes can be triggering, we will have a community support resource in the room and offer support to those who may have feelings arise for any reason at our IMPACT event. We feel these are important conversations but understand not everyone is in the space to have them.

Saturday the 20th of January – Ages 8-13

This event will be focusing on the challenges our young people are facing with expectation, self worth, body image, connection asking for help and supporting others.

This event will be targeted towards healthy relationships with ourselves and speaking kindly to ourselves and others, learning about how we can build ourselves and others up.

Funds raised from our 14+ will be donated to Headspace Port Augusta and funds raised from our 8-13 event will go towards creating a sculpture that showcases our message of connection and selflove that will be put on display in the community.

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Jan 20 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


$20 -$30

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