Port Augusta Coastcare Community Education Day

We have a wonderful line up of speakers coming to Present at our Education day. 

Meet the speakers,


who is an integral member of our Port Augusta Coastcare group.

This is one presentation you do not want to miss! Jeff will astound you with his knowledge on the diverse marine life in our Gulf. His incredible photos and videos bring to life this seemingly lifeless part of Pt Augusta. After seeing his presentation many people comment ” I never even knew we had such amazing creatures down there”.  Don’t miss out on this one, trust us, you will never look at the Gulf the same again!


A Port Augusta Local SCUBA Diver and accomplished Underwater Photographer. Jeff has a passion for the outdoors and seeks out challenging adventures often taking the less-trodden paths with a camera.

He has extensively bushwalked, kayaked and rock climbed in Australia, having undertaken many multi-day solo trips to remote areas.

Has climbed mountains in Nepal, Kayaked the islands of Canada, Scuba dived WW2 shipwrecks in the pacific (Micronesia) and has also dipped his toe into Mt Gambier’s caves.

Recently, Jeff has looked closer to home and found a stunning range of interesting and unique marine life right on his doorstep in the Upper Spencer Gulf. Jeff’s goal is to share the unique and amazing marine life our waters have to offer to those that believe “there’s nothing down there”, he does this through his photos and by sharing his knowledge gained from marine experts and his own research.

His passion is to promote and protect this unique environment, learn more about the marine life, and share this knowledge, and most importantly spend as much time as possible continuing to explore and discover what else the area has to offer with his scuba diving wife Maggie!




Stefan Andrews is a marine biologist, film maker and educator from the Yorke Peninsula. Stefan has a passion for stimulating interest in ocean conservation and marine science through imagery, art and storytelling. As the director of production company, Ocean Imaging, Stefan has produced and directed award winning short documentaries that have been screened globally and contributed to natural history documentaries. In recent years, Stefan has been dedicated to raising the public profile of Australia’s kelp forests through his role as the director of education and impact with the Great Southern Reef Foundation. His work involves collaborating with Aboriginal groups, universities and conservation entities to create short films and accessible educational resources for the Australian school curriculum.

See some of Stefan’s incredible work here

Also see The Great Southern Reef of which Stefan is an integral part of


Dr Shelley Paull

Shelley is a Marine Coordinator with National Parks and Wildlife Service SA, managing six Marine Parks on the Eyre Peninsula.

She has worked on South Australia’s Marine Parks for over 16 years, through community engagement, design and now implementation and management.

With a background in marine science and a passion for science communication, Shelley is passionate about providing opportunities for people to connect and learn about their local marine environment in a mission to inspire communities to take action to protect it.

Shelley’s talk will cover Marine Parks in South Australia, with a particular focus on the diversity of the Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park, which the waters of Port Augusta are part of.



‘Marine’ Janine Baker

For over 30 years, Janine Baker has worked in many fields of South Australian marine research, for community, government, universities and as a private consultant. She also works in marine education, and in primary special education.

Janine is a valued contributor towards documenting species richness and biodiversity of the Great Southern Reef, and is considered an expert in species identification in South Australian coastal waters.

Janine values SA’s highly varied oceanography, diversity of habitats and amazing species richness, and loves to promote the wonders of the SA marine environment.

Janine’s talk at the Festival is on Marine Hitch-hikers aka introduced species in the Spencer Gulf.




Eloise Quihampton

from KESAB (Keeping SA Beautiful).

Ever wondered which bin is best and where all your rubbish goes??

Eloise along with Keep South Australia Beautiful (KESAB) is here to shed some light on the what, how, and why of waste and recycling so that you have the power to make positive choices.

Learn about:

  • what does (and doesn’t) go in each bin
  • the importance of separating recyclable and organic materials
  • electronic waste and other tricky items.

Test your knowledge at the KESAB stall before or after the presentation.


Marine Discovery Centre

Marine Discovery Centre aims to provide inspirational hands on learning experiences whilst empowering students to actively protect South Australia’s coastal and marine environments. Using interactive displays, VR headsets and the opportunity to learn from qualified marine scientists and a cultural educator. The Marine Discovery Centre is an experience not to be missed.




Apr 06 2024


Various speakers and activities occurring thorough out the day
11:00 am - 4:00 pm



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