Christian College in Kadina Has Sparked Controversy With a Job Posting Due to Its Requirement For “Regular Church Attendance”

August 3, 2023 12:32 am in by

Harvest Christian College in Kadina has sparked controversy with a job posting for a Student Support Officer due to its requirement for “regular church attendance” and agreement with the College’s Basis of Faith.

While some question the legality and potential discrimination, defenders argue that religious schools have the right to hire staff who share their beliefs to build a faith-based community.

The Australian Law Reform Commission has recently released a draft plan to update anti-discrimination laws, proposing new protections for teachers and staff at religious schools from discrimination, allowing them to maintain their religious character by giving preferences based on religious grounds.

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Christian Schools Australia supports the posting, emphasizing the need for staff who can model the school’s religious ethos, with the debate continuing over balancing religious identity and inclusivity in educational institutions.