Grant Funding Helping Eyre Peninsula Malleefowl Habitat Stay Safe

August 11, 2023 1:06 am in by

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board and close to $20,000 in grant funding have helped an Eyre Peninsula Malleefowl habitat stay safe and preserved.

The Heritage Agreement site near Buckleboo is one of the first locations across South Australia to be funded under the Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement Grants Program.

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board has been involved with managing the grants locally, and Manager of Landscape Operations SEB DREWER says officers have been visiting multiple sites to see what can be done to protect and enhance the local flora and fauna.

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The Department for Environment and Water’s Native Vegetation Director, Merridie Martin, says the grants are an important way to improve biodiversity, enhance our environment and protect animals under threat.

She says landowners can’t do all this work on their own and the department is committed to helping them and other organisations improve biodiversity for the good of all South Australians.

Work is about to begin at two sites in eastern and western Eyre Peninsula, while other applications are awaiting approval.