Osprey Nests Going Up in Droves

July 3, 2024 9:14 am in by

Local bird enthusiasts are hoping to see more Ospreys in the skies in the coming years, joining the 14 new chicks that have hatched recently.

It follows the installation of another six osprey platforms along the local coastline over the past month, from Arno Bay to Smoky Bay.

One of the 6.5m tall artificial nests is being erected in the shallows of Proper Bay at Tulka, just south of Port Lincoln, this week.

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It makes 18 nesting platforms to go up in SA in 4-years and comes after the population dropped by 26 percent over the last decade, leaving just 50 mating pairs in the whole state.

Of the 18 platforms, 60 percent are now occupied.