The Western Quoll is Making a Comeback in the Upper North Flinders Ranges

May 2, 2023 7:11 am in by

Thanks to a successful reintroduction program led by the Department for Environment and Water, the western quoll, also known as the idnya, is making a comeback in the upper north Flinders Ranges.
Although this carnivorous marsupial was once widespread across Australia, it is now only found in small pockets of wilderness in southwest Western Australia.
The completion of the fourth planned release marks a significant milestone in the project, and there is optimism that a thriving population can be established in this region.
The initiative is part of Bounceback, a large-scale conservation program that aims to protect and restore the semi-arid environments of the Flinders, Olary, and Gawler Ranges, and is supported by multiple partner organizations.
Tracy McNamara, the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species (FAME), expressed her delight with the program’s success. She emphasized that the foundation has been thrilled to be a part of this initiative.


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