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A return to pubs as NSW virus rules eased

NSW residents now have more freedom than they've had in months with COVID-19 restrictions eased at a host of venues including restaurants, pubs, chapels and beauty salons.

Truck drives into crowd, US cities in fear

A tanker truck has driven into a throng of protesters on a closed interstate near Minneapolis, with the driver pulled from his rig and beaten, as major US cities imposed curfews in fear of another night of demonstrations against police brutality descending into violence.

Smooth docking after historic space launch

SpaceX has delivered two astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA, following up a historic lift-off with an equally smooth docking in yet another first for Elon Musk's company.

Australians endure LA mayhem, looters

Australian couple Simon and Mandy Boctor and their three children have kept to their Los Angeles home as gangs looted and torched nearby stores in the early hours of Sunday morning.

What is opening up in NSW from June 1

WHAT IS OPENING UP FROM JUNE 1 IN NSW:* Up to 50 people allowed to dine in restaurants, pubs, clubs, casinos and cafes* Beauty salons reopen with no more than 10 clients* Up to 20 people can attend weddings, 50 at funerals and 50 at places of worship* Museums, galleries,...