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NSW to lift Victorian border checkpoint

NSW's three-month border checkpoint operation with Victoria will come to an end, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian championing her state as the only Australian territory "which welcomes everyone".

Premier League bosses want heading curbed

Players should stop heading the ball in training if research proves it leads to dementia when they are older, several Premier League managers said after the death of Nobby Stiles.

SA COVID-19 case 'lied', lockdown eased

South Australia's six-day lockdown will end early after it emerged a person closely linked to Adelaide's worrying COVID-19 cluster lied to contact tracers, easing concerns over community transmission.

Cyber breach clean-up expected to hit $7m

A cyber attack on NSW government employee email accounts that exposed the data of 186,000 people earlier this year is expected to cost the state $7 million.

No new cases on day one of SA lockdown

South Australia has reported no new coronavirus cases as the state begins a six-day hard lockdown, and efforts continue to put a "double ring fence" around a dangerous COVID-19 cluster.

Australians accused of 39 Afghan murders

Young soldiers were "blooded" by shooting prisoners, and fleeing women and children were considered legitimate targets, a damning inquiry into Australia's Afghanistan operations has found.