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Qld baby-on-beach mum faces NSW court

The mother of a nine-month-old baby girl found dead on a Surfers Paradise beach has faced court charged with failing to provide for her child and causing "danger of death".

Dramatic decline in Aust shark numbers

Shark populations off the east coast of Australia have plummetted in the past 55 years with some species - such as great whites and hammerheads - dropping by 92 per cent, new research shows.

Greenberg's plea to clean up NRL's image

NRL boss Todd Greenberg has delivered a plea to clubs to help clean up the game's image after an off-season dominated by a constant stream of bad publicity.

Sugar tax wins support from young Aussies

Most young people would support a tax being slapped on sugary drinks if the money was used to subsidise fruit and vegetables or exercise facilities, a study has found.

Cyclone U-turn away from NT delayed

Tropical Cyclone Owen is expected to U-turn away from the Northern Territory coast before gathering force and striking Queensland but that's taking longer than expected leaving residents with a nervous wait.