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Brandis avoids virus after Prince function

Australian High Commissioner George Brandis has no coronavirus symptoms after hosting one of the last official functions attended by the now sick Prince of Wales.

Elective surgeries cut during virus crisis

The national cabinet has announced changes to the current coronavirus testing criteria while the deadline to suspend all elective surgery other than the most urgent procedures has been extended until April.

Jobless queues to grow amid virus shutdown

Shuttered shops, empty streets and queues at Centrelink offices will be the new normal as tighter restrictions on businesses, community facilities and public spaces come into effect from midnight.

Some companies shine amid market carnage

The coronavirus crisis has hammered Australia's share market but there are a handful of companies that have managed to thrive despite the turmoil and lockdowns.

Stock up on sleep, not groceries: doctor

Many Australians are stockpiling groceries at the supermarket but their energy is better spent stocking up on sleep to boost their immunities, thus better protecting themselves against the coronavirus.

NZ declares national state of emergency

With another record amount of COVID-19 cases identified, the New Zealand government has been granted extraordinary operating powers to implement a nationwide lockdown.