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Nigella Lawson Has Only Gone and Broken the Internet AGAIN!


Just a week after the Nigella Lawson "mee-crow-wah-vay" video that went VIRAL on the world wide web the celebrity chef is at it again!

This time however declaring that the humble carrot round is "infinitely depressing".

Lawson’s hot tip of the week on her BBC2 show Cook, Eat, Repeat...Do NOT cut your carrots into little circle rounds.

Fast forward to around the 15-minute mark of Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat S1 E6 video below and you will get to hear Nigella attempt to explain her dislike at the carrot round.

"I have been quite open about my prejudices over the years, but let me just say again, that I find carrots cut into rounds infinitely depressing, so it’s always batons for me."

And cue the Twitter-sphere into another meltdown!! 

But this time a lot of her fans were actually supporting her stance on the way you cut the pesky orange vegetable.

Who would have thought the way you cut a carrot could cause such a social stir. 

Image Credit @nigellalawson Instagram (Screenshot)