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“ **** Was Offered 10k to Sleep with Someone Else on the Show” Bryce reveals inside gossip from MAFS

Fans of the reality TV show Married at First Sight would be no strangers to the fact that the 2021 “Brides and Grooms” are some of the most controversial to date.

At the centre of a lot of the controversy on nearly every episode is couple “Bryce and Melissa”. Bryce has recently moved to Melbourne to be closer to Melissa who he confessed in the most recent episodes to be in love with.

In a recent interview promoting the show with Bilko and Ali from Queensland’s Zinc 96, the MAFS couple talked about the reunion dinner party and some behind the scenes moments from the season that left us stunned.


Bryce was asked about the way he and Melissa were targeted by other members of the experiment. “When did you realise this was going to carry on for the whole show?” To which Bryce responded: “I think it got to the point where some of the people that were making the show took things too far and I think all of Australia has seen that and they encouraged the behaviour of their own participants.”

The stress of the situation really caught up with the couple at various moments during the season, with Bryce saying on a few occasions that he wanted to leave. The hypothetical question was put forward to Bryce: “How do they get you to stay… do they offer to pay you an extra 50k or something if you stay on the show?”. Bryce answered: “Well apparently Liam got offered 10 grand to go and sleep with someone else on the show.” When asked to confirm this shocking revelation, Bryce added that it was a “strong rumour, alleged, and it was what [Liam] said to his brother who told some others in the car.”

Listen to the full interview here:


And then there’s the issue of the mystery woman from Canberra, who was the centre of conversation in many episodes of the show even though she was on the outside. Her name was even bleeped out of the episodes. Melissa revealed what she said during a brief conversation with that person: “She just explained that she is not the other woman, that she is mortified that she was brought into this and that people would actually think that she is actually hanging around waiting for Bryce… she was concerned she was considered to be a homewrecker.”


Melissa and Bryce also talked about plans for the future without alluding to too much apart from Bryce saying “I’ll definitely be getting back into radio” and that something could be happening behind the scenes.

The final episode of Married at First Sight Airs on Channel 9 Sunday at 7:00 pm