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This Aussie Kids Party Snack is Under Attack!


It's been a staple of Aussie kids parties for as long as we can remember and now it is under threat.

There are calls to ban "Fairy Bread". The delicious bread and butter serving that's heavily coated in "hundreds and thousands". 

On the website, one member has received over 1000 signatures after stating the bread is "outdated and offensive".

Here is what the page says:

"The term 'fairy' is outdated and offensive, and has been used to belittle and oppress others. The fact that Australians in 2021 are still using this word in the name of a children's food is reprehensible."

It seems to have a crazy twist though, the only way you can comment on how ridiculous it is, is to sign the petition.  

Which lead to many people with strong opposite views signing so they can write in the comments.

It doesn't stop there the hashtags that are used to promote the petition are picking up steam 

#BoycottFairyBread #TheNewFWord #FairyBreadisUnAustralian

So what do you think? Should we ban the term "Fairy Bread"? or are the people suggesting it "off with the fairies"?