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Thousands of Cockatoos Take Over NSW Streets

cockatoos takeover

Footage of a cockatoo plague taking over a NSW street has gone viral after being shared to TikTok.
The clip shows the suburban street covered in corellas, everywhere from on the road, to on homeowners lawns, on roofs, and flying about in the sky.


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♬ Oh No - Kreepa

The video shared by TikTok user @justsheff33, looks like a bird apocalypse is coming with hundreds of birds descending in swarms and taking over the whole neighbourhood.

The footage has the song "Oh No - Kreepa,” playing over the top and already has over 300K views and nearly 2K comments.

Corella’s are a type of white cockatoo native to Australia and are known to feed in large flocks. They congregate in groups of up to several thousand and will fly many kilometers to feed and roost.

The birds are known to be pests and destructive creatures, damaging crops, and landscapes.

Image Credit: (@justshef33 / TikTok)