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Most Pushups in One Hour Guinness World Record Has Been Broken

A marine veteran has broken the Guinness World Record for the most push-ups completed in one hour, beating the previous record of 2,919.
TShane Johnson from Pineville, North Carolina performed 3,050 push-ups in one hour.

Johnson also continued for another eleven hours and tried to beat the most pushups completed in twelve hours. He completed the pushup marathon on 16,400, however he did not beat the existing record of 19,325.

The Marine Corps Veteran and motivational speaker launched the 'Push-Ups for Purple Hearts’ challenge which was to raise money and resources for veteran services.

The previous record for most push-ups in one hour (male) was achieved by Australian, Jarrad Young at Matrix Boxing Gym in Queensland on 19 June 2020 with a total of 2,919.

mage Credits: (TShane Johnson / Youtube)