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Krispy Kreme and teeVee Snacks Team up for Five New Mouthwatering Flavours!

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Krispy Kreme or teeVee Snacks? Why not both?! Arnott’s have teamed up with Krispy Kreme to create the ultimate snack, doughnut-inspired biscuits!

In what’s been called the most important snacking news of the year, they've released five new mouthwatering flavours including their iconic Original Glazed as well as Caramel Delight, Choc Iced, Kookies & Kreme and Strawberry Sprinkle.

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Arnott’s Brand Manager, Krishma Sood says:

“teeVee snacks are a classic, well-loved Australian biscuit and we’re thrilled to partner with Krispy Kreme to add a new twist to this iconic treat. With a range inspired by some of Australia’s most popular doughnuts, this new generation of “dough-scuits” is the collaboration teeVee snacks fans have been waiting for!”

The two snacking powerhouses have collaborated earlier this year when in April, Krispy Kreme released a chocolate glazed doughnut which was topped with an entire Arnott’s Mint Slice biscuit. 

The doughnut-shaped biscuits, or what they call “dough-scuits” are available on shelves nationwide at most major grocery stores and will sell for $4.00 for a 165g pack.

Check out the flavour notes below!

Arnott’s teeVee snacks Caramel Delight

Arnotts TeeVee Snacks Biscuits Caramel Delight 165g 0

These doughnut-shaped biscuit bites are baked to a perfect crunch. Covered in delicious caramel icing with a toffee caramel aroma and finished off with a coat of golden caramel sprinkles.

Arnott’s teeVee snacks Kookies & Kreme

Arnotts TeeVee Snacks Biscuits Kookies Kreme 165g 0

Crunchy baked chocolate biscuits coated in a smooth white chocolate icing with mild vanilla and coconut notes. Finished off with choc cocoa sprinkles for a crispy and delicious flavour profile.

Arnott’s teeVee snacks Strawberry Sprinkle

Arnotts TeeVee Snacks Biscuits Strawberry Sprinkles 165g 0

Classic pink doughnut-shaped biscuit bites, glazed with a sweet strawberry icing and topped with crunchy rainbow sprinkles for a delicious light crumble and taste.

Arnott’s teeVee snacks Choc Iced

Arnotts TeeVee Snacks Choc Iced 165g 0

Doughnut-shaped golden biscuits are covered in bittersweet dark chocolate with vanilla flavoured notes throughout for a chocolatey taste sensation.

Arnott’s teeVee snacks Original Glazed®

Arnotts TeeVee Snacks Original Glazed 165g 0

Baked to a perfect crumble, these doughnut-shaped biscuits are glazed with a sweet vanilla icing which is carefully drizzled on top - inspired by the classic Krispy Kreme Original Glazed® doughnut. 

 Image Credits: (Supplied by Arnott's)