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Hotel Transylvania 4 Transformania Looks Hilarious

The super successful Hotel Transylvania movie franchise is back and my sides are hurting just watching this trailer.

Adam Sandler (Don't let that turn you off) was originally the voice for Dracula, however, he has been replaced this time by Brian Hull.

Who is Brian Hull?

Check out this video and you will quickly realise how talented this guy is.

What is Hotel Transylvania 4 about?

So it turns out that the son-in-law of Dracula, Johnny (Andy Samberg), is approached by Van Helsing with a Monsterfication Ray.

This ray will change him into a Monster all with the hope of impressing his Father-In-Law.

Well, this goes sideways very quickly with Dracula and his friends all being transformed into Humans.

Invisible Man anyone? The race is on to find a CURE before it is too late!

When can I watch Hotel Transylvania: Transformania?

It looks like this movie will be a cinema release.

nd if nothing major happens between now and then, we should be able to enjoy this film come September 9th 2021.

Where can I watch the Original Hotel Transylvania Films?

If you have Netflix at home, then you are in luck.

All three previous Hotel Transylvania films are available to stream right now.

So you can follow along with the original movies before the new film hits late 2021.