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Port Augusta Forgo Waste for FOGO Caddy!

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In 2020, Port Augusta City Council introduced a new organic composting system which changed the way local households disposed of items into their green bins.

Unfortunately, not all households in Port Augusta and Stirling North received their FOGO (Food and Garden Organic’s) Kitchen caddy.

Great news! Commencing January 18 2021 those who missed out on the FOGO Caddy will have one delivered to their home.

Keep your eyes peeled if you live in Port Augusta or Stirling North as the Port Augusta City Council expect the FOGO bin deliveries to be completed mid-February. 

Residents are encouraged to use the FOGO (Food and Garden Organics) kitchen caddy system, to collect food scraps and other compostable materials before placing them into your green lidded food and garden organics bin.

What can now be composted in the FOGO bin?

- Fruit and vegetable scraps
- Dairy products
- Grass clippings and leaves
- Flowers and weeds
- Meat and bones
- Seafood
- Prunings & Twins
- Untreated timber
- Teabags & coffee grounds
- Take away food
- Eggshells and Cardboard
- Used tissue and paper towel
- Plants and small shrubs
- Small branches (less than 150mm in diameter)
- Hair
- Oyster shells

FOGO kitchen caddy is collected fortnightly (place in Green Lid Bin).

Source: Port Augusta City Council

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay