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Port Germein Dump has been Dumped

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The Port Germein Dump has been temporarily closed due to reaching its capacity for waste storage.

The closure took effect from Tuesday 19 January.

The appropriate regulations have been reviewed and the council has now taken action to avoid any potential risks in terms of health and safety.  

The community operated dump, will have to do a reassessment of operations to ensure that appropriate controls are put in place for the safety of everyone concerned.

This has been a big decision for council and many conversations have been had to key stakeholders to ensure the reasons for the sudden closure is understood by those who are directly involved with the facility.

Council’s waste strategy is currently a key focus, and the Port Germein dump has unique issues around costs for Council relating to transportation and disposal of what is currently stored at the site.

A complete assessment of the facility, and the issues that Council needs to consider, will be undertaken by Council and a report will be provided to Council in the near future.

Council must ensure that it is reviewing its operations ensuring that what is provided to the community meets community expectations, and risk management and mitigation must be a significant factor in any decision made.

Community members can access alternative waste management facilities within the Council area at either Wirrabara, or Willowie, and can access public waste management facilities in other Council locations such as Port Pirie.

Source: The District Council of Mount Remarkable.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay