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Algae Lease Granted To Yorke Peninsula

ben wicks thl1SQCbPE unsplash

A commercial seaweed farm off of the Yorke Peninsula is a step closer with the Marshall Liberal Government granting project approval.

Commercial seaweed could be a game-changing new industry which processes seaweed into a livestock feed supplement which has been found to cut methane production in ruminants (cattle and sheep), which allows energy to be utilised for other activities such as growth or milk production.

Early estimates by CH4 Global indicate seaweed production could be worth $140 million a year in South Australia with the potential to create 1,200 jobs.

The Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation (NNAC) has been granted two production leases and licences for 10 hectares within the eastern Point Pearce intertidal aquaculture zone, and 30 hectares within the west zone.

Research shows that small amounts of the algae added to cattle feed reduced the methane in cow burps close to 100 per cent.

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash