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Port Broughton Reveals Time Capsule Contents Almost 40 Years Old

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As part of the historic celebrations for Port Broughton’s 150th anniversary, the towns time capsule located in the Port Broughton Office is due to be opened this Saturday (June 12).

The Council have estimated that it was built into the wall around 1982, and its location has been marked by a plaque since it was hidden.

CEO of Barunga West Council, Maree Wauchope says they'll need to damage council property to get to the time capsule.

"We took the plaque off of the wall, and the wall actually - there's no hole or anything - so we’re actually [going to] have to break into the wall to retrieve this time capsule," says Ms Wauchope.

The grand reveal is set to begin from 10am.

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay