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FFNDA Calls For More Doctors To Move To The Region

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Last week the Flinders and Far North Doctors Association put the call out for more GPs to make the move to live and work in regional communities, with many towns facing staff shortages.

The FFNDA's push to the region included an appeal to the iconic and great place to live in the Flinders, as well as an offer to develop a wide range of skills that may not be as readily available in metro areas.

President of the Rural Doctors Association SA, Dr Peter Rischbieth, says securing more regional doctors is a challenge the State Government must meet.

"There does need to be some recognition of the work that doctors do both in their hospitals as well as their primary practices, and we need to work with local hospitals to provide those services but we also need attractions to encourage doctors to leave the city and work alongside us," Peter Rischbieth.

Contact the Flinders and Far North Doctors Association for further information:

Image by Gerald Oswald from Pixabay