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Results For The Weekend Of Footy

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This weekend in local footy, In the SGL, Solomontown defeated Port by 13 goals while South secured the W by just 2 goals at the Centrals home ground.

In the Yorke Peninsula when the final siren blew for Bute and Kadina, they found themselves in a draw.

In the WFL North Whyalla ran away from South and West ran away from Roopena, bringing both North and West to 7 wins and 2 losses on the board.

Over in the Northern Areas Orroroo sealed the deal by just one point against the Southern Flinders, while Crystal Brook ran off with a 13-goal win against Jamestown-Peterborough.

And the North Eastern League’s RSMU defeated North Clare by 100 points, and BSR and the Southern Saints walked off in another draw for the region this weekend.

Full results list:


West 71 def. PropRisdon 59

South 63 def. Central 51

Solomontown 138 def. Port 60


Bute 67 draw Kadina 67

Central Yorke 84 def. Wallaroo 78

Moonta 89 def. Ardrossan 65

CMS Crows 92 def. Southern Eagles 56

Paskeville BYE


North 169 def. South 25

Weeroona Bay 70 def. Central 47

West 102 def. Roopena 30


Crystal Brook 126 def. Jamestown-Peterborough 39

Orroroo 50 def. Southern Flinders 49

Broughton-Mundoora 72 def. Booleroo Melrose Wilmington 63


Min-Man 74 def. Blyth Snowtown 35

BBH 107 def. South Clare 65

RSMU 142 def. North Clare 42

BSR 65 draw Southern Saints 65