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Local Footy Returns With Big Results

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This weekend in local footy, In the SGL, South Augusta sent Port back to Port Pirie on Saturday with a new loss on the board, and on Sunday West ran away with a win against Centrals.

In the Yorke Peninsula Bute defeated Central Yorke in Maitland, and Moonta beat Paskeville handily at home.

In the WFL, an unfortunate day for South Whyalla, leaving the field just 1 goal 1, to West Whyalla’s 23 goals 22, a margin of 153 points.

Over in the Northern Areas a close and low scoring game between Southern Flinders and Booleroo Melrose Wilmington, had Booleroo Melrose Wilmington walk away with a 3-point win.

And the North Eastern League’s BSR handily defeated Blyth Snowtown by 91, and RSMU managed a 60-point win over BBH.

Full list of results:


South 94 def. Port 38

Solomontown 107 def. PropRisdon 51

West 70 def. Central 38


Southern Eagles 74 def. Kadina 35

Bute 49 def. Central Yorke 25

Moonta 108 def. Paskeville 50

CMS Crows 95 def. Wallaroo 43

Ardrossan BYE


West 160 def. South 7

Central 187 def. Roopena 43

Weeroona Bay 46 def. North 37


Broughton-Mundoora 109 def. Crystal Brook 66

Orroroo 119 def. Jamestown-Peterborough 15

Booleroo Melrose Wilmington 27 def. Southern Flinders 24


BSR 143 def. Blyth Snowtown 52

Min-Man 62 def. South Clare 37

Southern Saints 103 def. North Clare 42

RSMU 106 def. BBH 46

Photo: By Spencer Gulf Broadcasters