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YP Charter Boat Operators To Benefit From Funding

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In a good news story for the charter boat industry, the State Government has announced their commitment to a second round of funding for SA charter boat operators.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham recognised the recent challenges the charter boat fishing industry faced and was excited to offer the opportunity and funding to invest back into local businesses.

Operators set to gain from the funding to assist with projects, are Port Hughes Fishing Charters, who will receive around 2 thousand dollars and Yorke Peninsula Fishing Charter who will receive almost 14 thousand dollars.

Port Hughes Fishing Charters: $1,955.47

For the expansion of their current services and enable on board catering, help take on a wider range of sea conditions and make boat alterations including upgrade of boat survey.

Yorke Peninsula Fishing Charter: $13,800.41

For new motors, waders for clients, advertising materials, and heaters to expand the tourism venture beyond fishing.

Image by SSidde from Pixabay