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Lamb In Orroroo Discovered With Fifth Leg

liam read vWfcZ6Fv2yU unsplash

A five-legged sheep has been spotted in Orroroo by wool farmer and shearer, Sam Kuerschner.

About three weeks ago, the Mid-North farmer and his father spotted the lamb with an unusual appendage coming from its head.

Polymelia is a rare, but not unheard of, congenital condition in which animals — and sometimes humans — are born with extra limbs.

Last year, a five-legged lamb generated headlines after it was found on a farm in southern WA, to which a Perth-based sheep vet, Paul Nilon, estimated the frequency in sheep might be as little as one in 200 thousand.

According to Dr Nilon, depending on where it was located on the body, an extra limb is not necessarily distressing to the animal.

Photo by Liam Read on Unsplash