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Pollution Levels From Saddleworth To Whyalla Revealed

ella ivanescu JbfhNrpQ dw unsplash

Saddleworth and Wallaroo have recorded very low pollution levels compared to several other postcodes in the region, according to new data from the Australian Conservation Foundation.

The foundation reviewed the National Pollutant Inventory's emission data, collected from power stations, manufacturing plants and mines across Australia, focusing its research on air pollutants like coarse and fine particles, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and mercury.

Saddleworth and Wallaroo recorded zero kilograms of pollution, while the rest of the region recorded results in the thousands or even millions.

Whyalla recorded a pollution total of over 12 million kilograms, Iron Knob over 8 million, Roxby Downs over 6 million, Port Pirie recorded over 5 million kilograms – putting all 4 areas on the very high pollution rating list, among a total of 76 areas across the country.

Photo by Ella Ivanescu on Unsplash