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Kidtober posts impressive turnout in Port Pirie

kidtober.jpgPort Pirie’s youngest locals got a re-education in road safety this week as part of the Kidtober activities, taking over the city.
In one of the biggest turnouts to any youth event this year, 80 children hit the track to the road safety centre to learn the basics.
The centre had over 70 bikes on offer, as kids navigated obstacles like traffic lights and roundabouts, and learnt about give way signs and how to cross railways.
Learning the road rules isn’t something that just adults will use.
Most children in the city have a bike or a scooter, and many will knowingly ride on roads with no knowledge of the rules.
RALPH ATHERTON, Chair of the Road Safety Group says if they can stop one child from riding out in-front of a car, then it’s worth it.