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GFG Alliance makes good on promises to invest in Zen Energy


The Upper Spencer Gulf has raised the bar as a major leader in renewable energy across SA and Australia after a major deal was struck this week.
Owner of the Whyalla Steelworks, CFG Alliance, has bought a big share in SA’s renewable energy company, Zen Energy.
Having a major international company like CFG shake hands on a deal with SIMEC’s Zen Energy is a big coup for the Upper Spencer Gulf, and should mean that future renewable energy opportunities come a little easier.
CFG announced recently that they would purchase a chunk of Zen Energy, but it was never confirmed until the deal was signed.
Whyalla’s LYN BREUER, Port Augusta Mayor SAM JOHNSON and Port Pirie’s JOHN ROHDE had nothing but praise for the decision, and said the prospects for the Upper Spencer Gulf looked pretty good.

Comments from CFG Alliance's Sanjeev Gupta on Zen Energy.

The high cost of energy for Australian consumers is debilitating for the economy and a crying shame for a country so rich in resources. We clearly see a need for industrial groups and energy generators to work together. Long-term sustainable energy solutions need to be founded on both economic and environmental principles in order to work properly. With our partners, we can deliver a step change in the power industry, bringing innovative solutions and new projects to dramatically reduce the cost of dispatchable power. “GFG Alliance is already one of the biggest users of industrial energy in Australia. Given the issues here, it has been a priority for us to take decisive remedial steps. Combining our power expertise developed in the UK, and Zen’s local knowledge in Australia, is a natural partnership.