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Baroota Vineyard Giving Hope to Young Interns

grapes.jpgA Baroota vineyard has changed the lives of four young people after taking them through a brilliant internship at the Flinders Run winery.
The group has been offered jobs by winemaker Emanuel Skorpos after a twelve-week Internship under the federal government’s Youth Jobs PaTH program.

Mr Skorpos approached the local job provider after being left with skill gaps he couldn’t fill.

“I was looking before Christmas for skilled employees to work with the redevelopment of the vineyard, but I was unsuccessful,” he says. “We are in the throes of building the region’s first commercial winery at Baroota.

He says the interns, who finish their training this week, would have bright futures at his winery or at vineyards in the Clare Valley or Barossa Valley. 

He says he was thrilled to be able to offer the interns positions at the winery, saying by teaching young people the skills the dollars stay in the region. 

The success stories include Scott Thomas who started at the vineyard three years ago under a Sureway program and is now leading hand. Two of the new workers were jobless for up to a year before taking on the internship.