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Port Germein Residents Vying After Local School

Port Germein School.jpgLocal Port Germein residents have voiced their wishes for the former local primary school to be gifted to the town.
At a public town meeting several speakers wanted to use the vacant campus for a museum, a venue for respite from heat for elderly residents, a water-park and a community health centre.

Local MP Dan van Holst Pellekaan says it might be wise to allow a private developer to take over the site with spin-offs for the town.

He says a submission from the community would need to outline how residents would invest in the project and earn a financial return. 

Margo Tobar of Port Germein Heritage, Arts and Tourism, says the stone building at the campus was not heritage-listed and could be demolished if the site was sold.

Another public meeting will be on May 28 to determine the next steps in the journey.

Image Source: Flickr