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Community Grants Available In Whyalla




"The City of Whyalla has increased the number of Community Grants rounds to help provide groups with more
immediate and timely funds.

At its December meeting, the newly-elected Council adopted a recommendation to increase the amount of rounds
from four-a-year to six-a-year as part of the revised Community Grants program.

Whyalla Mayor Clare McLaughlin said it was a fantastic idea that would allow more groups to obtain funds with more

“Council staff have done a great job with this Community Grants program revision and it was a pleasure to see the
newly-elected members unanimously approve such positive and pro-active ideas,” Mayor McLaughlin said.
“Increasing the number of rounds during the year can only benefit the community.

“This is one of the core functions of a Council, to support community groups, and with these extra rounds we are
going to see the money going out into the community more regularly with more projects and initiatives getting off
the ground throughout the year.”

Along with the increase in rounds, the revised Community Grants program will also allow groups to apply for funding
with the assistance of clearer guidelines and streamlined, user-friendly forms. Applicants will be able to self-assess if
they meet specific criteria as they progress through the application.

The application form guidelines will clearly outline grant round closing dates, eligibility criteria, application process,
assessment of application, selection criteria, accountability submitting applications guidelines.

The Manager Community Service in conjunction with the Executive Management Team will assess applications
against the eligibility and selection criteria and make preliminary recommendations.  These recommendations will
then be presented to the next Council meeting after the close of each grant round, for discussion and consideration
by the elected members."

Grant round closing dates:  15 January, 15 March, 15 May, 15 July, 15 September, 15 November


SOURCE: Jon Ortlieb, Manager Communications and Public Relations, Whyalla City Council