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Public Concern Over Erosion of Sand Dunes Along Fisherman Bay

Sand DuneThe Barunga West Council has highlighted the need to address the erosion of the western sand dunes along Fisherman Bay.

The dunes were severely affected during storms in September 2016, and the situation is now being described as urgent, with an estimated 10-12 meters of dunes eroding in the years since.

Residents are concerned for damage to their property, the coastal landscape, and the potential risk to life.

Councillor Grant Rowlands has moved that a letter be written to the Minister for Environment and Water, outlining the urgent need for remediation to protect and prevent further erosion.

He says the issue needs to be addressed, irrespective of how willing the government is to respond.

Council CEO Andrew Cole has also advised the council has completed a coastal adaptation plan and flood study, and will be hosting workshops across Port Broughton and Fisherman Bay to discuss different management options in the near future.