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Whyalla Council Lowers Rates

BudgetThe Whyalla City Council has decided to lower their rate increase to 3.5% as opposed to the 4% announced last month.

At a Special Council Meeting earlier this week, council members approved the new budget which included the amended general rate rise.

The lower percentage means there will also be a cut to proposed increases in community programs and spending, but it will ultimately help offset extra costs from the waste levy increase.

In a statement released by the Whyalla City Council they said “the scrapping of proposed funding increases for the community grants program, the uneARTh Festival, City Growth Scoping project and tourism signage replacement were measures taken to achieve the lower rate rise and address community concerns as revealed in the public consultation process.”

Council CEO Chris Cowley has applauded the elected members for the way they handled the situation, saying they welcome the resident’s opinions.

“It was a great result to have nearly 500-page views on the 2019-2020 Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget and 28 written responses which was an increase on previous years,” Mr Cowley said.

“We’ve listened to residents who said the proposed 4% rate rise was too high and we’ve also had the unexpected rise in the solid waste levy to deal with too.”

Residents are advised there is a quarterly payment system available and the 3.5% rate rise may vary depending on individual property values.

Photo: Pexels