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Single-Use Plastic Ban

Straws.jpegThe State Government has announced they will be introducing legislation to ban single-use plastics including straws, cutlery and stirrers.

The three condiments are the only products listed in the proposed ban with takeaway coffee cups and plastic bags said to be next in the firing line.

Zero Waste Whyalla have been cleaning their local area since 2016 and have welcomed the new legislation with open arms.

Founder Emma Wake says the ban will mean the whole community will be making a difference not just a few people.

“I think it’s really important for our community as a whole to realise that our little changes and our choices everyday do make a difference. Whether its us choosing to take our own cutlery to a takeaway place or remembering our reusable cups,” she said. 

The SA Government says it plans to introduce legislation to Parliament in 2020.

Photo: Pexels