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Yorke Peninsula’s Teddy Bear Fence from Bad to Worse

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The Yorke Peninsula’s Teddy Bear Fence has gone from bad to worse, with reports in recent weeks of attacks from vandals, the fence has now been destroyed in its entirety.

Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello started the fence, which was home to 2,000 bears stretching over a kilometre and has been fighting to relocate the iconic tourist attraction.

Due to a recent poll on the ‘South Aussie with Cosi’ Facebook page, it was reported that 91% voted save it, with only 9% opposing.

Costello said, “Some were not patient enough and hated the teddy bears so much they decided to cut them down and toss them over the fence. Making a huge mess. They have removed hundreds of teddy bears from a section of the fence.”

“I feared that this might happen so three weeks ago I set up six infrared cameras on gumtrees surrounding the fence. They are motion censored camouflaged night/day cameras.”

As a result, he stated that crystal clear footage has been attainted of the suspects, with the of faces of those cutting the bears off along with licence plate numbers.

Costello is now awaiting legal advice to further the case.

Image Source: Pexels