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Haystack Fire in Crystal Brook

fire 7

CFS crews were called to a haystack fire on The Whim Road, Nurom, West of Crystal Brook on Tuesday.

Spontaneous combustion is the speculated cause of the fire which saw 100 bails caught alight from 5:53pm, with CFS on the scene until 9:30pm that night.

CFS crews returned to the scene throughout the day yesterday from 8:30am till 3pm in the afternoon, with crews expected to report back to the scene of the fire for regular checks over the next few days.

No reported injuries, property damage or loss of life has been reported.

As a precaution, smoke maybe visible from this fire in the surrounding areas.

The fire poses no direct threat to the community.

CFS are calling to remind members of the public that a total fire ban is in place in the Mid North today.

Image Source:  Pexels