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Music Innovation Funding Arrives in Regional SA

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Three schools in Port Pirie, Peterborough and Kadina are set to benefit from the second round of the State Government’s Music Innovation Fund.

Close to $30,000 dollars in funding has been allocated to the three schools in an effort to provide all students, including those with complex needs, access to high quality music education from an early age.

Grant recipients received the following:

Kadina Memorial School - $10,000

Peterborough Community Pre-school, Primary School and High School - $8,500

Port Pirie West Primary School - $12,000

Education Minister John Gardner has stated, “The Music Innovation Fund is one of the ways our Music Education Strategy is fostering, embracing and promoting the many benefits that music education can have on a child’s development and we would like to see more children take an interest in music as a result.”

Image Source: Pexels