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Kybunga Top Road Bridge Council Works Completed

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Trucks over 10 tonnes are now able to cross the Kybunga Top Road culvert bridge for the first time since the bridges upgrade.

Wakefield Regional Council spent close to $100,000 dollars on the project, which has created a more direct route for trucks in an effort to reduce detours and the risk of over-limit trucks attempting to cross the bridge.

An increase of heavy machinery and trucks are expected on the roads during the upcoming harvest season, with a number of them using Kybunga Top road to access local farms and fields. Wakefield Mayor Rodney Reid has stated, “Keeping the trucks moving, has kept our industries moving.”

“Road freight transport is the backbone of agriculture and farming,” Mayor Reid said. “Wherever we can, we work to improve on safety for all road users, and with thousands of heavy vehicles trekking our region each year, we want to keep them moving easier and safer too.”

Council crews are also reconstructing a portion of Kybunga Top Road, north of Eldredge due to constant heavy vehicle traffic. Overtime this can disturb the road’s structure, which causes potholes, cracks and the top rubble to spread.

Roadworks are expected to be completed by January.

Image Source: Pexels