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Burra Businesses Join ‘Shop Local’ Scheme

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Burra’s ‘Shop Local Campaign’ is now underway thanks to the Regional Council of Goyder, the Burra Community Management Committee and Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North.

The campaign gives shoppers in the Burra region the opportunity to be ‘thanked’ for spending their money locally.

The ‘Shop Local Campaign’ will comprise of loyalty cards and a monthly draw for a shopping voucher to be spent with participating businesses, set to be drawn on the first trading day each month.

Council have committed to providing seed funding to support the first 12 months of this campaign.

BENEFITS (as per the Council of Goyder):

Increased foot traffic and local shopping.

  • Whole of Burra business marketing.
  • A database of contact information for local shoppers for promotional use.
  • Development of Shop Local Facebook page
  • Collation of post code information from visitors
  • Increased vibrancy in the shopping district
  • Focus on encouraging regional residents to shop locally


  • The first draw will coincide with the Burra Christmas Fair on 20th December.
  • Participating businesses will be listed on posters and other promotional material.
  • Businesses will receive an initial bundle of loyalty cards and more on request.
  • Businesses will receive a stamp to use on the loyalty cards, but may use their own if they wish.
  • Each time a customer/client makes a purchase they will receive one stamp – no matter how much or how little they spend.
  • When a customer reaches 10 stamps on a card, they complete the card with their details and place it in the appropriate box based at the Burra Visitor Centre

If you would like to be involved you can email Jenny Turner from the Burra Community Management Committee here.

Image Source: Pexels