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Two Arrested in Port Augusta

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Port Augusta police have arrested two men for numerous offences.

Just after midnight on Saturday, patrols approached an empty car which had the number plates covered, 300 metres from the local decommissioned power station. Two men returned to the car carrying a large amount of copper wire.

The patrol detained the two men, then searched the car allegedly locating illicit drugs believed to be methamphetamine, insecure ammunition and prohibited weapons including pepper spray, a baton and a flick knife.

Police also searched one of the arrested men's home, allegedly finding a silencer for a firearm, more insecure ammunition, plus more stolen copper wiring.

A 32-year-old man and 35-year-old man from Port Augusta were both arrested and charged for multiple offences.

They have both been bailed to appear in the Port Augusta Magistrates Court on March 16th.

Image Source: Pexels