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Port Pirie Students Score Big

st marks students

It has been a year like no other for St Marks College Class of 2020, with COVID challenges aside, the Port Pirie students have excelled with their latest results.

Over half of the 2020 class achieved a grade in the A band for their research projects, with a lucky 7 students achieving the ultimate A+ result.

The A+ students, Georgia Salt, Amelia Smart, Lucy O’Dea, Jesse Smith, Lillian Keain, Sophie Hall and Sophie Millard are ecstatic with the news.

Student Jesse Smart who hopes to join the Police Force Academy after graduating said, "I was surprised to receive an A+ as I underestimated my ability to achieve that kind of score. Mum was also surprised, but really happy."

Jesse who researched- 'How has the development of programs and policies aimed at Indigenous Australians increased their participation in organised sport?' interviewed 2 Indigenous AFL players, Ben Davis and Paddy Ryder which was he said was exciting. "I also spoke with Eugene Warrior who designs and runs lots of programs about the AFL for the Government."

COVID restrictions also made an impact on the students with Jesse stating,  "I couldn’t do face-to-face interviews due to travel restrictions, so I made contact on phone firstly and then emailed questions. I would have preferred to do it face-to-face, but I am really happy with my finished project."

Student Amelia Smart who researched - 'Do Aged Care facilities adequately care for the mental health of residents?' was lucky enough to conduct several interviews at the  Crystal Brook Hospital prior to COVID restrictions, to which she said was, "A highlight of the Research Project."

"Speaking to the four aged care residents; they were so happy to share their experiences."

Amelia who hopes to study Medicine one day said receieving such a high score for her project was, "Really rewarding because I knew that I had tried as hard as I could. I was striving for an A+ so it was relieving to achieve that score."

The recent results have put St Mark’s College students well above the state average of 39.4%, and sees yet another improvement on last year’s Research Project results.

The research project was first introduced to South Australia’s curriculum in 2012 and provides with the opportunity to study an area of interest in depth.

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