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It's a Irwin/win situation


Picture credit: USA today


Now 12 years since we last had Steve on our screens the Irwins are back on our tellys.

Terri, Bindi and Bob have long been in Australia's cultural consciousness. After the tragic death of Steve in 2006 Australia and the world mourned with the Irwins.
Yet they came back with a perseverance that could only have made the Croc Hunter proud. Continuing his strong wildlife conservation message from their base at Australia Zoo, the Irwins are renowned by wildlife folk all around the world with still regular appearances on late night shows around the globe.
Now finally we have them back in a spot that feels very familiar, animal planet.

The new show Crikey! It’s the Irwins follows the family and the daily ins and outs of the Australia Zoo.
Its first episode premiered on the Discovery channel spin-off October 28th with a jungle full of big wigs from home and abroad heaping on the praise.

Check your local listings to see when you can catch these next gen enviro-warriors.