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How much does it cost for a Royal Visit?


Buckingham Palace by night

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to have the Royal Family stay at your place? No? Surely you've thought about it...? 


Unsurpisingly, it would be very, very, VERY, expensive.

Prince Charles and wife Camilla decided to visit the town of Cork in Ireland, but the town weren't too pleased with all the expenses.

A Cork councillor has posted an official breakdown of the cost of the visit on Twitter, and the tweet has since gone viral.

“Cork City Council’s spent €19,770 ($A31,098) for a dinner for Charles and Camilla along with 70 guests. In total €203,761 ($A320,516),” the Cork North Central Councillor wrote.

He also highlighted €5936 ($A9337) was spent on “polishing door handles”.

See the list below.