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Classic Hits Finds a Fan in Finland!

Classic Hits prides itself as your local station: local voices, local stories, aimed at locals. 

But that hasn't stopped Finnish radio enthusiast from tuning in to our signal. Located in the far north of Finaland in Lemmenjoki, dedicated listener Hannu first stumbled across a 5AU signal in 2015, with the hep from his 700 meter longwire antenna.


Hannu told us he has since looked forward to picking up our distant signal every year when winter rolls around - although the signal can be obscured by other stations broadcasting on our frequency in Hong Kong and Eastern Europe.

Have you ever flipped between our 5AU and 5CS signals and compared the two? After years of trying, Hannu was finally able to recieve both stations clearly (he has two recievers) at around 4:15am yesterday, enjoying Elton John's Can You Feel the Love Tonight? and remarking that both signals "must be very well synchronised."

Hello to all our international listeners! Whether you're on the Spencer Gulf or sitting 300km north of the Arctic circle, it goes to show you can never know who's listening...