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Mothers, What Do You Want For Mother's Day?

happy mothers day

Source: from Pexels

The impossible challenge of finding a suitable gift for Mum is already underway.

What does she want this year? What does she want any year?

All signs point to "peace and quiet" but "for you kids to get along" is a strong contender. 

Tangible gifts though? Not a clue. 

Getting Mum the wrong pressie can send the wrong message.

A gift card? Too vague, and you risk saying "I couldn't be bothered finding you something".

Skincare products? There's every chance you get the wrong type, one she has an allergic reaction to!

Chocolates? But it might ruin her health kick she just suddenly decided to go on - suspiciously close to Mother's Day might I add. Almost like it was pre-meditated... 

A tea towel? You will be whipped with said tea towel. To be fair, tea towels are really boring presents, and if I was a Mum I would hate getting that. Especially if my husband got a drone for Father's Day.

So, Mums, I'm begging you this Mother's Day - please just tell us what you want.

And when you ineviably say "just a cup of tea", at least tell me your fav tea or coffee shop I can procure it!

Like our favourite philosopher, Tom Cruise, once said - "help me, help you."