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Driver Misses Exit, Defies All Logic and Reversing Into Oncoming Traffic

I'm always cautious on highways.

I have trust issues when it comes to other drivers. I try my best to always stay as far away from other drivers as possible. Sometimes it takes me 7 hours to travel from Port Augusta to Adelaide because I insist on taking the backroads. 

That's why this video gave me actual shivers. 

What you are about to witness is someone missing their exit on the highway, and instead of waiting for the next exit to correct themselves, they decided the best thing to do was to stop immediately and start reversing into oncoming traffic. '

The best part? The cops were the car immediately behind the driver.

The video is an absolute classic.

Miami driver: Oops, missed my exit. Better reverse on the highway. What can go wrong? from r/IdiotsInCars

This is exactly why I avoid the Augusta Highway.

Drivers are also reminded to be careful on wet roads this week, especially the highway. 

Photo: Sebastian Palomino via Pexels