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The Veronicas To Star In New MTV Reality Show & Excuse Me, What?

The Veronicas are and always have been, in my opinion, very underrated. They've performed massive shows, from the roof of Myer on Bourke Street, Melbourne, to their glittery-topless performance at the 2016 ARIAs.

Lately they've been lying pretty low, writing and recording songs. So much so that they have been having fun with people who have noted their absence from the music scene. 

But the secret lives of the Veronicas will be not more, with an upcoming reality tv show starring the pair.  

Over the weekend, MTV released a teaser for the upcoming show "Jess And Lisa: The Veronicas". 

While I'm not SUPER into reality shows, I would definitely watch this one. So often we get trashy American reality tv, that it's somewhat refreshing to have an Australian one that isn't centred around making food. 

No news on when it airs but we'll keep you posted.

Photo: Youtube ARIA performance